Black Widow overview.

An over view of each Black Widow costume I’ve made thus far for my twin sister


Black Widow was first garment I ever constructed and for my very best friend and partner through all of this my twin sister Beth which I’ve actually done twice.

The very first one which I can’t remember how involved I was but it’s important we talk about it. The suit is from the Johnny Brock’s website and all the accessories are held together with hot glue.  It was worn until it fell apart which was perfect really, because at that time I felt I was as ready as I’ll ever be to sew a spandex suit with leather on top just in time for the release of Captain America:Winter Soldier.

I took a seam ripper and pulled each piece apart to use as a pattern which was four pieces plus sleeves and then I cut it onto lycra because I knew nothing about buying spandex. Most memorable of this experience was that I with the pleather was cut it all out from what it looked like from one tiny side view and then the next day her character poster was realeased so I redid the whole thing on a Friday night and once it was finished I never touched it since. I know she played around with different accesories and wigs.

I applied the same pattern for the comic Black Widow but the vinyl spandex we bought from Spandex world wasn’t exactly the greatest so it lost it’s sheen. Right now, we’re working on the Civil War version of the costume to be worn this spring The patterning took about a year to get right and it’s actually near finished. All of these suits I made pre-smart phone days  for me, so I have absolutely no pictures of the process, so hopefully I can make a more in depth post next time.




Author: punzziellasewingcreation

Sewing and cosplay enthusiast. Caffeine addict and all around Nerd. These are the projects of Punzziella.

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