Scarlet Witch: Age of Ultron


I was pretty disappointed with what Age of Ultron did for the characters I did love that I’m not even gonna talk about it. However I loved Wanda’s relationship to her twin brother it was very relatable to what I feel about my own twin. Not to mention, she has really great style and it’s pretty cool to consider yourself a witch for chaotic reality altering magic when your real job is to stomp your feet and make  6th graders fear you.

We decided to do the Maximoff twins for one tiny con since we were actual twins and I’ve actually had more fun on this cosplay build than any other and I ended up wearing it to every con I attended in 2016 that now I’m working on Scarlet Witch in Civil War.

I had the most fun making the dress which isn’t entirely accurate because I was using what footage I could find and my own memory plus a lot of tumblr art. I remembered how cool her movements where so I kind of wanted a dress that would also move in fun ways. Hers is actually more of a drop waist with gathers or tinier pleats. I chose box pleats and a fuller skirt because I loved the look on me and I wish I could show you the pattern but my organization was pretty much out the window at that time…so it vanished and I didn’t buy it that long ago but I can’t ever find it in the books.

The jacket I bought the cheapest one off of Amazon and cut up the arms. It’s so cheap the lining is falling apart and the zipper broke but I was nervous to spend more than $20 on something I would tear up and paint. I believe the painting tutorial I followed was done by partyvenger? On Facebook, it’s pretty easy when I touched it up this spring a friend advised me on adding a drop of water and black acrylic would bring out the grittiness. I lucked out on the arm cuffs because I had just torn apart another leather jacket for a Daryl Dixon cosplay so I just sewn the part with the zippers tighter. However I lost them, I’ll let you know when they turn up with that magical dress pattern.

This costume was done on a whim and I think that’s what makes the making of it a lot of fun but it became the cornerstone of my collection when I plan what to wear for cons. I used to always wear my Tony Stark cosplay everywhere which is fine but it’s kind of more fun to look at yourself and see an entire character you can pull off especially when Beth’s Black Widow. I didn’t think of what a part of my life she took up until I saw her again in Civil War and I realized I never really had a super hero I could see myself as.


Author: punzziellasewingcreation

Sewing and cosplay enthusiast. Caffeine addict and all around Nerd. These are the projects of Punzziella.

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