Snow Day Expectations and Reality

I work for a school and one of the perks of the jobs would be the snow days. When the weather is threatening icey roads then there’s no reason to do anything but Netflix and sewing.

Work was called off by 9 last night and my very best sewing days are these days when I get up and work for almost eight hours. Here were my goals.

  • Fix the lining for my Scarlet Witch corset
  • Start a Mock up for Agent Carter (Just maybe have a new cosplay by April)
  • Piece together new messanger bag

I did not get to work eight hours on account Beth and I decided to start Captain America: Civil War at midnight and drink tiny bottles of Bailey’s. So…I was asleep until just about 11 the next day.


I got the straps of the purse done while I drank my coffee and then I took a break for a work out.

In good faith, I knew I had to figure out the lining business before I started working on anything new. You see, the problem was that one end was shorter and it wasn’t fitting with the strength layer. My goal is to be able to have it all ready for grommeting and the top layer by Febuary two months before I wear the costume in April. I tried every way I could think of ¬†because I wanted to know what went wrong so I wouldn’t make the mistake again cutting the pricier top layer. I never did, for I ended up cutting and resewing the whol half of the lining.


Finished!!! Also I can’t get over how the plain old lining photographs, I almost feel like it looks like satin or really cheap silk. Anyway, I’m no closer to what the second costume I’ll bring to Comic Con in April will be but it’s still great I get to cross the biggest thing off my list and even put it in my WIP basket for a couple weeks to think of other things guilt free. So don’t set expectations or save the achohol for after your sewing binge and maybe just prayer for another ice storm to keep you to your sewing machine (but then when would we buy fabric?)


Author: punzziellasewingcreation

Sewing and cosplay enthusiast. Caffeine addict and all around Nerd. These are the projects of Punzziella.

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