Just keep sewing

This week, I’ve been trying to start out something I’ve been wanting for a long time. To earn money sewing, I’m not saying pay rent but it would be nice for my most expensive hobby to support it’s self a little.

Here’s my first product. It’s a very simple hobo styled messenger bag, I used Aladdin and Jasmine fabric from Joann’s for mine but I’ve started investing in other characters and fandoms.  If my costumes don’t give it away my personal style often uses a lot of character so if I’m going to be the spokesperson of anything it’s dressing like a cartoon in your adult life. img_20170116_153431701

So I made a sample, I bought fabric. I used both of these to tease and bait potential sales on my facebook.  Very quickly, I had two potential sales but, long story short, they dwindled when the subject of price came up.

Side note: there’s probably a human reason why they didn’t want to talk about money. I am have struggles myself finishing the last payment for a commission I’m having done. There’s defiantly a level of anxiety you get on the other end because I don’t want to press friends and acquaintances to spend money but at the same time I want to do this.  If there’s anyone you can say I love it but maybe another time I think it’s anyone attempting to make money sewing on their living room floor. It’s not exactly a get rich quick scheme.

I spent a little bit of time moping and worrying about what I was getting into before I tried a second time.  The second time went smoother and I managed to (no pun intended) “bag” two sales. So I stopped worrying and I remembered if this is my dream to work for then the things that bring me down can’t be viewed through anxiety. There each something to learn from each one.

  • Putting your work out there is courageous, never let it go for less than what it is (this is after being brutally honest about what people will pay)
  • You can’t win everyone but you’ll win some. Yeah, your first sale might be your best friend but she could’ve expected a discount which she didn’t.
  • Set a short term goal, I want to do be a vendor for a small event in September. I want to be on Etsy by April maybe.

Author: punzziellasewingcreation

Sewing and cosplay enthusiast. Caffeine addict and all around Nerd. These are the projects of Punzziella.

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