The Story of Rachel Rey

If you’ve read a lot of my post, you know my twin sister Beth pretty well but now it’s time you met my little sister Rachel.

All three of us cosplay, go do all the fandom stuff like movie openings or cons together. She’s in high school so she does it a little less and for the most part Beth and I come up with the plan of action

Like the rest of the world, we were really taken by  Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Actually, we’ve all been pretty much taken by Star Wars for awhile but TFA was the first time we all got to see one the first time together, so I think it’s special in that way. I think it meant something personal to each of us but besides what a total badass Rey is on screen. As sisters, we treasure her to represent the strength and hope our youngest gives us.


Disclaimer: This costume is very much a work in progress. The dates and budgets didn’t allow us to do the pieces as planned. There is a lot of information out there on how to make a Rey costume also since Rachel is only 16, we didn’t follow any legion regulations.

Funny enough, I only got to sew one piece of this cosplay which was the outer tunic or wraps and the sewing was very minimal. I understand Rey’s is a continous loop draped over her but the backs don’t cross which I wasn’t able to drape without a dress form. One wrap is just a straight, all I did was add a shoulder seam for gathers. The second is a full circle that I sewed the ends using a french seam to protect it from raveling, you don’t have to because a little bit of age does improve this look but I knew this costume needed to last for the long haul. There’s also a shoulder seam for gathers.

The natural fibers and textures of Rey’s costume is very much if anyone is familiar with a broomstick skirt. I know some awesome people who use that technique to get the effect…I however found bubble gauze, that just needed improvement with dye. Rey, herself dyed them with grey dye and tea. Now of course, Joann’s has the correct color but our why added age so I’d recommend it.


The pants and top were bought off amazon, we started by looking up harem pants and then yoga lounge. One reviewer actually showed her Rey costume, so that’s what we picked. OF COURSE I’d like to be brave enough and try to make some silk pants for her costume but…ugh budgets. The boots and belt we bought at thrift stores, I’m sure my little sister would enjoy wearing the po zus in the movie but once again budgets.

16128917_10158062640650585_1031173125_nHere is the #1 thing I want to improve. I was very stuck on how to do the wraps and I had like….2 days to get it done. We used ace bandages and you can’t even see them in pictures. UGHHH. I recently boought some ribbed spandex that I’ll cut into strips and I’ll most likely handsew while they’re on Rachel’s arms. Maybe we’ll watch Star Wars.

I bet you’re wondering about the staff. My dad made it. He has no idea about Star Wars…marvel or any of these thing we dress up as but he actually really likes to build props or pretend he does well enough that we keep asking. I let him take pictures with my Captain America shield. That was his profile picture for a whole month.

This is the tutorial he used and there’s many more. It claims to be budget friendly but my dad said that it was pretty hard to find all the pieces.

I used Riannae Royale’s youtube video for many ideas on this cosplay. Her costume is very stunning.

I know, there are alot of amazing Rey’s out there. This character means a lot to me as the characters of Star Wars have always guided us through life. It was the first fandom that showed me how deep fandom runs. Beth and I found cosplay and conventions through Star Wars.  Sharing cosplay and these events with our youngest sister has meant a great deal to us. She’s often done smaller costumes or sidekick characters. It was the right moment for Rey, this hero who will lead this new trilogy and a young woman learning her strength and place in the world, we’re happy to look back and have this character to say this is what you mean to us.

I’ll either keep improving but there’s at least two more movies with Rey and maybe more costumes. I don’t want to give too much away but I do believe we’ll see some companions for Rachel Rey very soon.


Author: punzziellasewingcreation

Sewing and cosplay enthusiast. Caffeine addict and all around Nerd. These are the projects of Punzziella.

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