At a stand still : Welcome to Febuary

Okay it’s been two weeks since I’ve written anything worth reading. I apologize, I wanted to take this blogging seriously and update at least once a week. I also want to sew cosplay two hours everyday so I have something to update….that has not happened as often as I’d like.


I finished this bag for my client and I love the way the Star Wars fabric looks against the canvas. Its defiantly a design I’ll incorporate from remnants. I’m a little picky about how my Rebel Alliance symbol turned out but you know, my client is happy.

Oh! I also made a facebook page for comissions . Facebook seems to be the best way for me to take orders while I navigate setting up Etsy.

Mostly, when it comes to cosplay I’ve been hemming my sister’s Black Widow which is (finally done) I think I decided hand hemming was the best idea in December so Febuary first isn’t bad. I want to finish the seams so bad, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve used my machine for costumes.

I got the samples that will be a part of my Scarlet Witch coat I’m having made so this weekend I can do a fabric haul since I’ve also got orders to fill. The top is dyed pleather and the bottom is suede. I’m so excited to own this coat!!



Author: punzziellasewingcreation

Sewing and cosplay enthusiast. Caffeine addict and all around Nerd. These are the projects of Punzziella.

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